Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013- The High(and low)light Reel

2013 was a tough year when it comes to my journey. I've spent the past few days reading through my posts. Below are a few of the high(and low!) lights....

I started the year much like I am ending it...

I didn't post for 2 months because it was just plain hard. The March running challenge encouraged me with how far I've come.

My goals for April were quickly dashed, but this post made me smile and nod when I reread it.

I tried Zumba again and loved it! Why haven't I gone back? I think I need to get a Zumba game for our Xbox. any recommendations?

May was AMAZING! I decided to attend Fitbloggin. I rode my bike for 30 miles for the first time ever! I started triathlon training. 

June brought a heartbreaking conversation with Baby girl. I was also gearing up for Fitbloggin that month so much of my writing was about how scared I was to embark on this new adventure. 

July was amazing! I should live in July.

We've All Got Crap- Fitbloggin Recap

We started eating "clean" dinners. This is still happening!

Is Okra a Fish?

In August I became Spartan and a Triathlete!

September allowed me to put in to practice all of the cardio that I've been saving up when we had an emergency at work. 

Functional Fitness

In October I became my son's soccer coach. That was a highlight for me! 

November and December have been hard. The bod pod test was enlightening and will provide me with great information leading in to 2014. 

It's January 1, 2014.
Please don't sign up for some quick fix when it comes to weight loss and fitness. This will take time. Your goals are possible and will take work. Hard work. Nothing that can be completed in 6 weeks or 3 easy payments. Reading through my old posts have reminded me of the crazy ride we are all on. Some amazing things happened to me in 2013. Without that craziness, I don't think that the amazing would have been possible.

Happy New Year!


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