Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Tuesdayness

The past few weeks have been about breathing, recording, and reflecting.

Looking back on my weight loss gain chart on MyFitnessPal, I noticed something pretty significant...

What I have been obsessed over (a 25 pound weight gain) has actually been an 11 pound gain in the last year. 

A pound a month essentially.

THIS is what scares me about weight gain.It can be so gradual. Those flat lines aren't when I was maintaining my weight- it's when I wasn't recording/monitoring my weight. See from 11/05 to 12/17? The wavy lines are the real story of weight- it fluctuates.

I'm sticking with my ever other week weigh-in and it is hard. Since I weighed myself last Friday I have been *thinking* about weighing myself pretty much daily....

Recording has been going good. I did have way too many tortilla chips last night. Blasted husband for buying the chips. :) He can control his portions. Me, not so much. Sigh!

Busy day with work and kids today. Yesterday became an unscheduled rest day, so I knew I'd need to start my morning with some exercise. Do you do at home DVD's? They are becoming my new go-to. Today I did Jillian Michales: Shred it with weights. Whew! That was a workout for sure. The turkish get-ups at the end really whooped my butt. I did the beginner workout. I think I could do advanced, but wanted to see how sore I am tomorrow before trying advanced.

Last night the kids and husband tried squash for the millionth time. One of these days they will like squash. The good news is that kids are obsessed with homemade waffles. The other day Sissy wanted to know why the homemade ones are brown (whole wheat flour) and the frozen ones are white. We had a good talk about processing of foods. Everyone is in agreement that the homemade ones are better. I've been making banana-cinnamon waffles from Cooking light. I double the bananas and leave the flax seed in kernels instead of grinding it. SOOOO good. This weekend I got smart and made a double batch so that we can pop them in the toaster during the week. My kids are learning way more than I ever did about nutrition. They are my #1 source of motivation. 

Off to start my day!


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