Friday, January 31, 2014

January Monthly Running Check-in

On January 1st I was feeling all optimistic and energized. I agreed to run another half marathon. I did my first polar plunge. I announced to the Facebook world (do you follow me on Facebook?!) that I would run 244 miles in 2014. I promise I wasn't drinking that day. 

Goal Check-in Time:

In January I ran 21.83 miles. That means that I am 8.9% done with my goal. Right on track!

I did register for a half marathon on May 4th. According to the website that is in 92 days. I need to start thinking about training, but first I have my first 10K trail race on March 29th to be thinking about. The good news is that with my Saturday trail running group we've been covering right around 4.5 miles on our weekend runs. 6.2 should be no sweat. Well, lots of sweat, but totally doable. 

Those dates are awfully close together when I really look at the calendar. I'm wondering if my trail runs can count as my road race training runs. Trail running and road running are so very different. Any running experts out there know the answer?

I checked-out "Run less, Run Faster" from the library, but haven't started it. I'm hoping to follow that plan for my half training. Probably opening the book is a good first step. :)

What about you? Are you currently training for a race?


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