Monday, June 30, 2014

Fitcation Recap

Where in the world do I start?!

We left last Sunday for a vacation in Harrison, ID. Harrison is right outside of Coeur D'alene. Driving to the resort we say traffic advisory signs for the Coeur D'alene Ironman the following Sunday. I got a little giddy and felt like I was near greatness. Those athletes are FREAKING AMAZING!!!

We stopped by Costco in Coeur D'alene and picked up healthy foods for the week: cucumbers, peppers, eggs, cottage cheese, tomatoes, salad, pears, hot dogs, hamburger patties, strawberries and watermelon. I was set! 

Day 1 at the condo was unpacking and checking out the resort. We did go for a short swim that first night.

Day 2 I went for a solo run and then a family bike ride in "downtown" Harrison. We rode for over 2 hours. My guess is that we probably went like 6 miles. The kids were troopers and VERY tired at the end. 

We made it to the bridge!

Day 3 was Silverwood. We walked and rode and walked and rode Eating was spot on. We packed lunch and for dinner I had a great garden salad while the family enjoyed a pizza. 
Silverwood was awesome!
We made it! 2 miles up, up, up the mountain.
Day 4 was a way-too-hard, everyone-lied, "easy" hike up the side of a mountain. Once again the family met the challenge head-on. Somehow we made the 2 mile climb up and mile back down. The views were amazing. We were pooped! After the hike we came back to the condo and went for a "swim" in the lake. It was cold. I was too scared to put my face under water and swim. How am I going to do this upcoming Triathlon?!

Day 5 Back to Silverwood! We spent most of the day in the water and then hit the rides again that night. Once again I was able to steer clear of the "treat" and continued to track as best as possible. I had a HUGE chicken taco salad. It was amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about my failed lake swim. I texted a friend and she suggested I read Swim, Bike, Mom's post from last June. Check it out! Lots of great info on OWS (open water swim). 

Kayaking with the kids was great!
Day 6 Kayaking in the morning. Me?! Kayaking?!!?!! I loved it!!! I NEVER would have done this 4 years ago. After kayaking I went on a morning run (hills+mountain air= BRUTAL!) followed by a serious pep talk convincing myself that I CAN put my face in the lake water to swim. I went back to the condo and told Sissy that WE were going to do it. She is training for her own OWS in August. We had to do it. I took Swim, Bike, Mom's advice and waded in hip height. Then I waited. Eventually I plugged my nose and put my eyes and nose in the water. LOL! Such a scaredy cat! THEN I convinced myself that I could do ONE breast stroke under water. I DID IT!!! Then I did a little more and then a little more. Before I knew it I was doing crawl stroke under water IN A LAKE! It was amazing! Best part?! Sissy did it too. I found my brave in her. I knew that she would never do it if mommy wouldn't.

We were sooooo brave!
I'm home now. I recorded all week. I got in a TON of movement. 
I lost around 3 pounds this week. :) On vacation! I lost 3 pounds ON VACATION! 
What an amazing week. The 3 pounds is nice, but it isn't what made the week amazing. What made it amazing was the time that I had with my family being active and being brave together.  I recorded, but I didn't starve. I ate s'mores and hamburgers. I loved on my kids and husband. This past week I had it all. 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Diet Bet- 3 weeks in

3 week in to a diet bet and I am learning lots!

Not losing lots, but learning lots.

3 weeks in to my Dietbet

I had a big drop after week 1- typical with any weight loss program.

Week 2 I maintained. Truth be told- I didn't even try. It was the last week of work (school) and life was crazy busy. Food was everywhere. Stress level was through the roof.
Week 3 I upped my water and tracked every day. I lost a little more and felt amazing.
After 3 weeks (only really on track for 2 of them), I have lost 5.8 pounds. 6 pounds in 3 weeks. 2 pounds a week. I'll always take 2 pounds a week.
I have 9 days and 3.5 pounds to go. TMI (but necessary)- my cycle should start today and that is always good for a few pounds of weight. I'd never attempt to lose 3.5 pounds in 9 days, but with PMS weight I might be able to "win".
Lessons learned so far:
- I've already won! I am regaining control over my eating and have reintroduced water in to my lifestyle. I feel great!
- I am able to eat a 2,000 calorie a day "diet" and still lose weight. That rocks! I've had some sort of treat every day and am still losing. As I get closer to my previous weight, I know that I'll have to reduce the quantity, but never to levels they once were.
- Not a new learning, but a good reminder... I need some sort of incentive. I need to be working towards a goal. My goals through this challenge have been daily. Goals like 3 veggies a day or 64 ounces of water really help to keep me focused. Noticed, no goals around eating X number of calories. I am averaging 1800-2000, but haven't been forcing myself to eat more or less. I eat until I'm hungry and that gets me though the day. The extra water is also helping to keep me feeling full.

Monday, June 16, 2014

"I'm actually doing this"

Baby girl decided that she wanted to do a triathlon. 

Me: Are you sure?
Her: Yep, I'm sure
Me: Ok, then you will have to train. Mommy doesn't just wake up one day and go do a triathlon. It takes hard work and practice.
Her: When can we start?

We started tonight. 

We rode our bikes for 1.5 miles.
We walked/ran for half a mile.

We were sweaty when we finished. As we approached the house she said, "I'm doing this. I am actually doing this". At that moment I KNEW I needed video:


I have a little girl that wants to do a triathlon to be like me. 
THAT is the reward.
Not a smaller pant size or even a faster mile.
I have a little girl that wants to be like me.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stepping on the scale

I'm two weeks into a Dietbet and I am pretty sure that I weigh more than I did when I started.
Today I received an email that said:
"Stepping on the scale on a regular basis will keep you accountable for your results! Studies show that people are more successful in losing weight when they weigh regularly".

More successful

Regular weigh-ins


When I was that 192 pound girl with broken nails and frail hair I would weigh myself 3-4 times a day. I was successful. I was accountable. I was definitely regular.

The first week of my dietbet I lost like 4 pounds. Hurray, right?!
What did I do? I recorded my food.

The second week? Who knows! I'll weigh in tomorrow morning. I can tell you that I haven't recorded all week. It's the last week of school so there have been snacks and pizza EVERYWHERE! I ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today. It's bad. It's really bad. I'll be grateful next week when things get back to a more routine schedule.

I feel like a broken record. Woe is me. I don't like what the scale says. Woe is me. I can't find balance in recording and weighing myself. Woe is me.

I thought that once a week weigh-ins would be enough to keep me on track with my goals, but it totally hasn't worked. I KNOW that 3-4 times a day doesn't work.

I've been thinking a lot about needing other measures of success. Like a points system in school. I should get points for
- recording my food as best as possible
- working out for at least 20 minutes
- eating a fruit or veggie every time I eat
- drinking my water
- getting enough sleep

All of these things contribute to me being healthy.

Blargh! Woe is me.



Thursday, June 5, 2014

April/May Running Update- I MET MY GOAL!!!

Ooops! I missed my running update for the past 2 months. That's because I've been busy running. 
In April I ran 69.3 miles. This included some serious 1/2 Marathon training!

Major decrease in May. 1/2 Marathon taper + sprint tri training started.
"Only" 41.7 miles

Year to date: 247.8 miles!

I MET MY RUNNING GOAL FOR 2014. Time to retire my shoes until next January. ;)

Now what?! 244 miles seemed crazy at the time. We are only half way through the year... 

300 miles?
400 miles?

I think 400 is totally achievable even without any more half marathon training.

400 it is. 
By December 31, 2014, I will run 400 miles.


Monday, June 2, 2014

The Magic of sub 200

Entering onederland is this feat that many weight-loss enthusiasts strive to meet. I've written before about how being in onederland is magical. 

A few weeks ago I did a 30 mile bike ride with a friend. At the trail turn-around point there is a cute coffee shop. I totally rode the last 3 miles to the turn-around for a skinny carmel latte. :)

We talked about weight gain vs strength/energy. It went like this....

Me: Remember the last time we did this ride? I was 40 pound lighter. 

Her: Yep, we had to stop and rest way more times. 

Me: Yes, it was hard. We didn't stop at all this time.

Her: True! Plus you are way faster.

Me: I am stronger now, but also heavier. I want to be this strong and be below 200.

Her: Why do you have to be below 200?

Me: I don't know....

She's right- I am a way stronger/healthier athlete this summer than I was two summers ago. My stamina has increased. My speed (in running) has decreased. I no longer get dizzy mid workouts. My nails are strong. 

I know there is a middle ground. A place where I am not carrying extra weight (FAT!) but am still getting the nutrition that I need to feel nourished and strong. 

The scale is one measurement of growth. Just one. Being able to complete a 30 mile bike ride and not be sure the next day is another measure. 

I'd love to lose the weight that I've gained so that my clothes fit better. The number on the scale is becoming less and less significant. I'm slowly coming to terms with being the best me that I can be today....slowly. 

How do you measure your success? 


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