Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chiropractic Relief

The hip is back to normal!

Well, I thought it was the hip.....

It was the hip.... sort of.... It was actually more my pelvis.

My chiropractor adjusted my hip, knee, bone in the side of my leg (can never remember that one!), neck, stomach area (what in the world was he doing there?!?!?) and pelvis. I felt better instantly!

I did what any good inquiring mind would do when I had questions.... I went home and goggled the heck out of "pelvic chiropractic adjustment". I found tons of articles talking about how it doesn't work and only inappropriate doctors do this type of adjustment. As Dwight would say, "FALSE". It helped more than I could have imagined. As I continued to read I found diagrams that showed how the pain from an unbalanced  pelvis can lead to inner thigh and groin pain. DUH! It all makes sense. The strain eventually leads to hip and knee pain. Another DUH!

I did some yoga last night to stretch everything out. I miss yoga! It's been forever since I had regularly practiced. Note to self- Must figure out how to add yoga at least twice a week to my schedule. The yoga felt amazing!

Nearly 24 hours post adjustment and I am almost back to normal. Big workout plans tonight. Biggest plan is to take it easy. Taking it easy is hard for me so I really need to plan to be kind and patient myself.

How about you? Do you go to a chiropractor regularly? Do you yoga? Do you get a 4-day weekend like me????? :)


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