Monday, May 27, 2013

Step Away from the Diet Coke

I drink too much diet coke. 

I do.

I admit it.

I stopped drinking diet coke a few months back and was fairly successful. I think that I went a full month before drinking it again. The problem isn't that I drink diet coke. The problem is that I replace water with diet coke and that is no good. In addition to all the other health issues around diet coke, the concern over bone density has been weighing heavily on my mind lately with my hip/pelvis issues. 

Yesterday I didn't drink any. It was only a day, but it was still a day. Today is Memorial Day and I'm a little worried. Diet coke and BBQ go hand-in-hand. I did have hubby pick up some flavored water and some lemons to spice up my water bottle. 

In other news....

I've started my Sprint Tri training. I had a 10 week plan that wouldn't start until after school got out, but then I started getting the itch to training, so I poked around the internet and found a 13-week plan. I'd link that plan, but when I went to good check it again the link isn't working. Good thing I downloaded it! Shoot me an email and I can send it your way if you're interested. It's the Iron Girl Sprint Tri training plan.  Instead of doing a big wall calender this year I decided to track my workout in my google calendar. There's a tab on my blog if you wanna see. Take a peek. :)

Off to drink some coffee and then hit the gym. It's a lifting and biking sort of day.


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