Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge + NSV

Weight loss-maintenance-weight loss is a funny thing. It seems to be full of SUPER highs followed by SUPER lows. The past week has been a set of highs that motivate me to keep pushing forward. Excuse me while I brag...

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend as a family for Sissy's 8th birthday. I still feel like a prune and a great time was had by all. I'm kind of completely a chicken so there was 0 interested in the big, fast, out of control, spinning, twisting rides. Sissy (who is usually fearless) tried one of the big tubes the 1st go around and said, "That was fun, but I don't need to do that again". I love that kid! We were all perfectly content to go between the wave pool, hot tub, and the kid size slide. 

Not kid like 2 year old- kid like 7 year old, give me some credit! :)

Each time I climbed the tower for the slide I'd see this:

Maximum rider weight 250 pounds

250 pounds

250 pounds

I rode the kiddy water slide and didn't even have to lie about my weight! (I guess there is a little scale in my NSV) I was active. I was playing with my kids. I wasn't afraid of getting stuck on the slide. I looked darn good in my swimsuit. 

I got this! We got this!


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