Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So Much More than a Number

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday!!! 

There are two very distinct camps in the weight loss/healthy living/maintenance world- weigh every single day VS make healthy choices and the weight will just come off. 

I firmly believe in the latter, but I know that the weigh-in every single day is what keeps me on track. I've overcome the "weigh every time you pee" phase in my life, but still have the need to weigh daily. I don't get stressed out when it goes up 2 pounds in a day- excess sodium is almost always the culprit for this one! The mystery 2 pounds is usually gone in a day or 2 and is a good reminder to eat clean and steer clear of sodium for a while. 

Yes, your weight is just a number. As a formally obese person whose doctor had to get an additional weight to measure her (since the scale only went up to 350) I can tell you that there are times when your weight is a very important number. There are few things as embarrassing as being too heavy for the scale. 

It's Wednesday. On Wednesdays I record my weight into MyFitnessPal. 

I had a loss this week! 2.9 pounds to be exact. Not too shabby!
What did I do differently????

- I recorded my food 4/7 days. Shooting for 5/7 days this week.
- Changed up my exercise to start my Sprint Tri training. Added back in Yoga, Weight Lifting, and Biking.
- Stopped drinking diet coke....well, since Sunday. 3 days on the road to breaking a pretty significant habit.
- Have met my water goals for the last 3 days (See above!).

I won't lose nearly 3 pounds every week. I know that. I know my body. 

I'm starting to get it. My weight is just a number. A number that is a direct reflection of the healthy choices that I am making. It is a number that for the longest time kept me from playing with my kids, kept me from shopping in regular stores, and even prevented me from being weighed on a "normal" scale. At 210 pounds it is just a number. At 356 pounds it was felt like a life sentence. 


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