Monday, May 20, 2013

Sidelined with injury

How do you combat an injury when fitness is such a pivotal part of your weight loss? I CAN NOT lose if I don't exercise. I've tried. I've gained. There are not enough eat fewer calories in the world to equal a good, hard workout. Exercise isn't just about the calorie burn. It's more about the mental break, the determination, the push-yourself-further-than-you-thought kind of feeling. 

I'm injured right now and it's messing with my exercise mojo. My hip (which is guaranteed to flare up during my "special time") has been sore for nearly 2 weeks. My fingers are still tingly from my EPIC bike ride over 2 weeks ago. The tingling is getting less every day, but it still is hard to hold weights. This sucks! I hate having to modify. I've been to the chiro and massage therapist which resulted in some relief, but not enough. Hubby wants me to go to a "real doctor". I don't even have a real doctor.

My sprint tri training is suppose to start in less than a month. 

I have some gained weight to drop.

I like to disappear into my workout.

This sucks!

In other news... I received my Fitbloggin assignment last night. I am going to be Live Blogging at Zumba which is HILARIOUS because anyone that knows me knows that I find Zumba a pretty ridiculous workout. I did have a successful Zumba experience a few weeks ago and am excited to watch from the sidelines. I am positive that there is a lesson for me to learn in that experience!


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