Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Good Season

This has been a good week. 

A really good week. 

I've made healthy choices when it comes to snacking and meals.

I'm back to weight lifting. (Which is really exciting to me!)

I was sick, but didn't let it derail my healthy living.

Work started up again and it has been nice to see my co-workers.

Bug is doing summer school and loves his new teacher. It's a new school and I was worried about how he'd adapt.

Sissy is doing round 2 of swim lessons and is starting to make progress.

My Tri is on Sunday and I feel ready.

This is Week 3 of being pop free and it's starting to get easier. I actually crave water.

The scale is down for the first time in months.

I was reminded of this clip from The Office (who doesn't love the office?!) on Michael's last day. Our lives are definitely made up of seasons. The past few weeks have been good. Weight loss/maintenance isn't always like this. It's good to celebrate the good weeks to remind us when the weeks don't come as easily.

What's new with you? 


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