Thursday, August 1, 2013


Three days until Spartan Race.....

I am terrified! I know that there are some obstacles that I won't be able to do. Yesterday was lifting day so I headed to the gym. I decided to do some HIIT work with body weight exercises being my "rest" part of HIIT. For the last interval I decided to do 3 sets of 30 burpees (the "punishment" for not completing an obstacle), 8 bicep curls, and 8 triceps extensions. Whoa baby! The end of my workout! The end?! What was I thinking. 

I started out thinking, "No problem, 30 burpees". That turned in to "30 burpees- 3 sets of 10" and eventually became "Maybe I'll only do 10 burpees".

I caught myself in the mirror and realized that I had no other choice but to do those 30 burpees. I got this! 

I did the 3 sets. It was NOT pretty. I did it. I finished my workout.

I am strong.

Today I was grocery shopping and there was a deal on M&M topped yogurt. I put it in the cart for the kids. My cart was full of clean foods and I was getting ready to buy M&M yogurt. What?!!?! My kids love yogurt. They don't need it with M&M's. They've even been eating plain yogurt with berries lately. 

I put the yogurt back.

I am strong.

After grocery shopping I came home and knew that I needed to run. These legs did not wannnnnnt to run. They wanted to watch America's Got Talent. I ran. My pace was decent. The victory was not in the pace, but in getting out there because I knew it was the right thing to do.

I am strong.

The strength that I am finding isn't just physical. There is an emotional strength that I have discovered in making choice after choice that will move my family and myself towards a healthier future. I'll run (I don't expect to run a lot) on Sunday because I can, because I am strong.

What makes you strong?


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