Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lessons from Spartan

It's been a week since I completed Spartan Sprint. Noticed I said "completed" and not "ran". The Spartan races are so much more than running. There is certainly some running involved, but it is so much more. This past week I've thought a lot about the race. My daughter would point out that I've worn my Spartan shirt 3 times this week. I saw someone with a Spartan shirt at the gym and immediately felt connected to them. I joined a Spartan Chicks Facebook group. I'm a bit Spartan obsessed. Here's why....

~ Spartan reminded me how strong I am and how much stronger I want to be. I was lifting for a long time and loved how my body was changing. I reached a stage in New Rules of Lifting for Women where I was suppose to do a pull-up. I could not do a pull up. I quit lifting. I quit lifting because I couldn't do a pull-up. That was not a good decision. I was proud of all the physical feats I could perform at Spartan,but I want to be able to do more. I want to be able to get over those wall easier. I want to be able to do the tractor pull without having to rest in the middle. Back to NROL right after my Tri next weekend.

~ It really is all about finishing, but I want to be a bit faster. I struggled with my time for a few days and then remembered that for me it's way more about accomplishing the goal than being first. My body is not pre-programmed for being 1st place (or even in the top 25%), but it is capable of doing great things. I think that now that I know to expect that I could do it faster next time.

~ I am awesome! :) 160 pounds ago I never would have even gone to watch an event like this, let alone participate. If you follow me on Facebook, then you saw the official race photos. What stood out to me was the determination in my face. My body is capable of amazing feats. Spartan reminded me that I am capable of so much more than I think possible.

~ I like hanging out with tough chicks more than gym barbies. I use to think that I wanted to be petite and look good in the gym. Now I realized I am way more aligned with the tough and fit crowd. It's nice to be able to release that "need" to fit in to a gym mold. There's nothing wrong with the gym (I LOVE my gym family!), but I do find myself continually trying to fit in with a certain group at the gym.

Guess what??? I already signed up for Spartan Sprint for next August! I'm excited to work on lifting more and setting some goals for my next race. Balance is hard for me in both food and exercise. I tend to go all lifting and no cardio or vice-versa. I also need a balance that will work once I go back to school for the year.
Any suggestions? How do you balance your work outs????


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