Sunday, August 25, 2013

Intuitive/clean eating fail

You know the girl who talks about food casually? The only that turns down chips because she brought carrots to eat. The one that preps all her food on Sunday so that the rest of the week she can take healthy lunches to work. She's the one that broke up with her scale years ago and has never turned back. 

I want to be that girl, but I'm not. 

Not yet! 

I've left the world of recording my food some time ago in search of a better method. I want a way to control my food and my cravings without having to monitor, measure, weigh and scoop my way through life. 

Someone close to me had decided to start recoding food on Sparkpeople in an attempt to lose weight. I offered to record too as a support. 

I weighed myself today to see where I was at so that I would know how many calories I needed to be successful. 

The scale was up 6 pounds. 6 pounds. I know it doesn't matter to you how much I weigh so I am going to leave that number off. 

I've cleaned up so many things in my diet. I've been drinking a ton of water. I'm eating less felt like I was eating less. The fact that my pants don't button and the 6 pound gain tell me that I am eating too much. 

What's a girl to do? I pick up and go back to what I know- recording, weighing, measuring my food. I stopped recording because I had become obsessed with it. I actually turned down times out with friends because the food choices scare me. I feel more in control of my food than ever before. I'm hopeful that this go around with recording will not be one of fear, but rather celebration of how far I've come. I'm not stopping the clean gains that I've made. I'm not going back to diet coke. 

I will not buy larger pants. 

So....I'm back on MyFitnessPal. Come join me! My username is fergukj. I'd love to be your friend and support you in this journey. 


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