Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SPARTAN Race Recap- Part 2

Miss Part 1??? Find it here.

I'm two days post Spartan Race and am feeling pretty good. I have some sore arms today and feel like I did a million lat pull downs. It's hard to guage how I really feel sense Sissy shared her head cold with me. I'm down for the count today. My hunch is that it's more cold than sore/fatigued from the race.

Back to the race.....

After the bucket raises was the most exciting/terrifying/thrilling part of the entire course. The next obstacle was the cargo net. It was a giant cargo net tied to these two huge trees. The net was probably like 1,000 feet 15 feet in the air and on fire. Intimidating is putting it midly. Some people were skipping it. I HAD to try it. There was a great kid ( like 20 years old) there who assured me that the net would hold my weight and that it is doable. He climbed up and back down with ease. I had to try. Person after person climbed up and over while I slowly moved one foot at atime up the net. I got to the top and had to now get over. There were now 2 great guys talking me over the net. They were so patient. I was TERRIFIED!!!! I eventually got one leg over and locked in to the hole on the other side. EEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! My leg was shaking so hard- part fear, part fatigue. It was that kind of uncontroable shaking you have at the end of a really hard workout. Somehow I made it to the ground. I had no idea, but people were watching me. When I got down the crowd errupted in cheers. It was amazing. I got down and hugged Julia for a VERY LONG TIME.

Next we had to carry a heavy cylinder block a short distance, do 5 burpees and then carry it back. It wasn't too heavy, but the shape made it awkward.

Then my 2nd favorite obstacle of the day- Slip and Slide. It was huge. I don't know how long, but trust me when I say huge. At the bottom of the slide was a pit of mud. You're in luck- the Husband took video!!!! It's sideways, but you get the idea. I'm in the hot pink pants. 

After the Slip and slide was a sandbag carry. Julia, the beast, skipped past the "girl" sandbag and picked up two "boy" bags. She is so strong. We had to carry the bags up and down another hill. Still noburpees for this girl!

Around my gym there is a 1/4 mile track. A 1/4 mile really isn't that big of a deal....unless you are crawling under barbed wire and clay like mud, uphill. Ouch! This one hurt. This was the only obstacle that had no burpee out option. It was gruling. We rolled. We crawled. We crab walked. We got to the top!

Third water spot- THANK YOU SPARTAN for 3 water spots. They were definately needed.

Incline wall- A tall wall, probably 10 feet, the was tilted. Julia and I were both able to get over with the help from some friends. :) I was super proud of Julia becuase she was terrified and mustered all she had to get over that wall.

Since the trench crawl uphill for a 1/4 mile wasn't enough, the next obstacle was another trench crawl up and down rolling hillls. At the bottom of each hill was a mud pit. Oh, and the lady spraying us with a fire hose.

Ready for me to do some burpees????

You're in luck!

I couldn't do the next 3 obstacles-
Rope Climb
Spear Throw (you only get one shot and I missed)
Tranverse Wall (climb sideways across a wall with very little pegs)

90 burpees done

Tire pull- Pull a tire for a bit, run back and pull the tire back to where it started. Done!

I love this picture! I look so determined. 
More mud pits/barbed wire/rolling hills- This obstacle was unique because you had to go under the water (mud pit) to get to the other side of the board. Done!

My partner never left my side! :)

Last obstacle- Slippery Wall. I tried to do this. I really did. I was so muddy and tired. I just couldn't do it. One of the volunteers tried to show me. No luck. 30 more burpees.

The finishline was in sight! A short run down the hill, get hit by the galdiators with their stupid sticks, and then we were done. We ran for the first time in forever and crossed the finish line.

Julia's little boy competed in Junior Spartan. He won his heat! :)

My final time- 3 hours and 24 minutes. Way too long. I am hesitant to share my time for fear that people will judge. I was close to the longest time overall for the entire day. That sucks! I worked so hard and still took so very long. Writing this recap was a good reminder of all that I've accomplished. I didn't throw up or pass out. I climbed over a cargo net. My body lasted for 3 and a half hours through rough terrain on water and salt! 

I showed up! Will I do a Spartan race again? Yep! I am already getting a team together for next year. I was so impressed with the race organization, layout, and on course support for participitants.

While running the course I thought a lot about how I could train differently for next year. This race was a huge motivation for me to increase my strength. I surprised myself this race with what I was able to accomplish. Just think how much more I could do if I actually trained and set some goals. :)

Do you run obstacle courses? Would you ever enter a Spartan Race????


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