Friday, February 11, 2011

Is this what maintenance feels like?

I work up this morning and I was 192.0. For the past 4 weeks I've been between 190 and 195. The scale seems to be messing with me. It's favorite number these days is 192. Normally when I see 192 I get frustrated with my lack of progress. Today was different! Let me say that again, today was different.

I got on the scale, saw the 192, and smiled. I knew that I'd worked hard all week. I've eaten in my calorie range. I've met my exercise goals for the week. I weigh 192 pounds and it's OK.

Now if you were to ask whoever invented that stupid BMI chart they would tell you that I am still not "healthy". I am suppose to be 174. Let me tell you what I am. I am someone who works out 6 days a week and I mean I WORKOUT. I am someone who eats roughly 1800 calories a day. I am someone that can run a 10 minute mile. I am someone who drinks more water than soda. I am healthy and I am in control of my body.

Will I be at 174 someday? Maybe. I hope so!
Do I have to be at 174 to be healthy? Nope, no way! People say that you find a weight that "feels good". I am not sure that I have arrived at that weight, but I do know that I am in a place where I make healthy food choices and exercise because it's the way that I live. I no longer feel like I do those things just so that I will lose weight. A bad day no longer send my to my local drive-thru. Being tired is no longer an excuse for poor eating or skipping my workout. I live this way because it's who I've become and it's the right way to care for my body.
Is this what maintenance feels like?

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