Monday, February 28, 2011

Learning to Trust Myself- day 5

Hmmmm- this doesn't seem to be working. Well, maybe it is. I still weigh myself several times a day. I know that this is not a healthy habit and it is on my list of things to work on. :) So, on Friday night we ordered pizza and both Saturday and Sunday found me eating out. I almost never eat out (or fast food) three days in a row. The triple eating out has led to an additional 5 pounds that I didn't have on Friday night. When recording I actually wouldn't have eaten out so much because I wouldn't be able to record. It pains me that I would forgo a great time with friends because I wouldn't know how to record my food. That is actually one of my motivations for trying to ween myself off of recording. I want to be able to live and not be continually consumed with the calorie count.

Lunch today was AMAZING! I went to a Mexican restaurant with some girls from the gym. (THANKS KELLY AND JULIA!!!) and had great conversation and fantastic food. I only had a few chips (fewer than 5 10) and only a few fries. I even moved the plate to the end of the table when I was finished with my entree. I ordered the grilled chicken instead of the fried. Here's where I had a problem~ The chicken wrap was HUGE. I easily could have been satisfied with half of the wrap, but I ended up eating the whole thing. I *should* have taken half home and eaten it for dinner. Ugh!

I have two more days of not recording. I hope to get my weight back down to normal by increasing my water over the next two days and eating as many natural (read low sodium) foods as possible. Weight is a fluid number- I get that. I just don't like how it's flowing! I'm looking forward to healthy eating and reducing my processed foods in the days to come.

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