Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learning to Trust Myself- day 2

I'm working on not recording my food this week. Today's the second day (thus the title!) and I have to say that it was a lot easier today than yesterday. I still logged into SparkPeople to record my food, but stopped myself, made a nice comment on someone's page and then logged off. I had a great breakthrough today and I did it all by myself- no online tracker required. I was getting my food together for lunch and wanted hard boiled eggs for lunch. Normally I'd grab two eggs and be out the door. While preparing my lunch it occurred to me that I'd be having pork roast for dinner (high in fat, but yummy!) and that eggs were also really high in fat and that my afternoon snack (almonds and craisins) is also high in fat. Something had to go! I put away one egg and decided to have one egg and some low-fat Greek yogurt for lunch. It was the perfect compromise and I did it all by myself.

On a side note~ Tonight I was at the gym and I was watching this chick in the mirror that was doing perfect leg lifts. I was so impressed with the tone in her legs and the height of her lift. The funny part? I was looking at myself and didn't even realize it until I started looking around to see what face belong to those legs. Ok, sometimes I'm a dork. I admit it!

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