Saturday, February 5, 2011

My little black dress goes out

The Big Night Out
Last month I bought a little black dress because it was a great deal. I had no wedding to attend, no high school reunion, not even a party to go to. I just really wanted this dress. One of the fitness instructors at my gym took it upon herself to get a group of us together to eat dinner at the Matador. All week long I've been planning~ new shoes, toenails painted, legs shaved, I even busted out my curlers that haven't seen the light of day in probably 5+ years.

I had hubby take a few pictures before we left:

LOOK at those calves!!!! Those are what help me conquer my runs. :)
  Here's the group that I went out with tonight:

See me? I'm the nearly skinny, super fit one next to the handsome man (my hubby!) in the blue shirt. I should have stood sideways... I had an AMAZING time. It was so nice to be out for dinner and be normal. I didn't worry about not fitting into the chair. I didn't worry about how many calories were in my dinner. I just enjoyed good food with great friends that have been a huge part of my fitness journey. I love that my new normal is evolving!

Surgery set for May
In other news I am excited to report that I have scheduled my tummy tuck and arm lift for May 9th. I was unsure about my decisions and still struggled even after making my appointment and paying my deposit. Last night we had a financial scare that would have meant that I could no longer have the surgery and I was devastated. I felt like that lady who doesn't think she wants to be pregnant, take a pregnancy test, finds out that she in not pregnant and then is sad that she isn't pregnant. I have some worries about the surgery, but I now know that this is the right decision for my body and can't wait to see amazing results.

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  1. You looked great! Im glad you guys had a good time. Here's to many more fun nights! Cheers!


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