Monday, May 16, 2011

1-Week Post-Op

Ok, so I went in today for my 1 week check-up and left feeling totally discouraged and frustrated. Initially I had 3 drain tubes put in. I still have one in! He had told me that all 3 *should* come out last Friday. He took out one on Friday. He said that the other 2 *should* come out today. He only took out one today. Now he is saying that the final one should come out tomorrow or Wednesday. I have to continue to call every morning to let them know how much fluid is in my drains.

Secondly, I told him that my stomach felt larger today. He poked around and agreed that the skin was starting to loosen. THEN he starting talking about how we could "always do revisions". Revisions! I'm only a week out. He's suppose to be telling me that I am still swollen and that it will take months to see final results. I feel like if I am going to spend all of this money to have a flat stomach and tight arms that I should have a flat stomach and small arms! Ugh!  My arms do look fantastic, but my stomach still seems so big.

Third- After feeling fat after leaving the PS office I decided to weigh myself. BIG FAT BAD IDEA! I am up 10 pounds from a week ago. How, how, how, how can I weight 10 pounds more than I did a week ago AFTER losing 6 pounds. Am I still retaining fluid? This sucks! I was SO close to my goal and now I am 10 pounds further away. I understand that science of weight gain and I know that I have not eaten an additional 32,000 calories over the past week. I am the lady that left the hospital with both of my babies weighting more than I did when I went into the hospital to have them. I never do a good job getting in all of my fluids when I'm not in my normal routine. I need to figure out a way to get in my water while I am home on sick leave.

I sit here feeling defeated. I've worked hard to lose my extra weight. This tummy tuck and arm lift was suppose to be the big hurrah at the end. The completion of my work. I've always known that even after my TT and Arm Lift that I'd still have to work out and watch what I eat, but I thought that I'd at least look good. I had this TT to get rid of the extra skin that was hanging over my legs. I actually never even considered a TT so that I'd "be hot", but as my surgery approached everyone would tell me how "hot" I was going to look after my surgery. Why don't I look hot? He took out 6 pounds of excess skin. How can there STILL be extra skin? Ugh! I am sure that these feeling of "let-down" are common after plastic surgery. I'm rambling....

I want to work out! I'm going to call in the AM to see if it's OK for me to start taking short walks. I need to have a pick me up by my bootstraps moment and move forward. The surgery went well, there have been no major complications, the itching has gotten A LOT better- and for those things I am thankful.

I'm going to go drink some water.

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