Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 Weeks Post-Op

It's amazing what a week can do for one's spirits. I feel SO MUCH BETTER today than I did a week ago. The drains are out. The swelling has gone down significantly. My pants are starting to fit again.


It's going to be OK! :)

I had a great visit with my plastic surgeon today. I'm super excited to have been given to OK to start sleeping on my side. I have been sleeping on my back for the past two weeks and am really tired of it. The nurse did mention that if I wake up with one side sticking out it will be because I am still retaining fluid and that I should go back to seeping on my back for a few days again.

He also told me that I no longer have to wear the ace bandages on my arms. This is a BIG plus. I felt like a mummy being wrapped up all the time. At first he had told me that the bandages would need to stay on my arms for 4 weeks, but he said that they look so good today that there is no need to keep them wrapped up. There is one small spot near my arm pit that isn't closed up yet. I have to keep putting ointment on that spot, but I no longer need to medicate the rest of the incisions. Now I can put on lotion everywhere. Woo hoo! I hope to kiss itching good-bye before the weekend.

About my stomach... He (again...) pointed out the little bit of excess skin that remains around my belly button. I told him that at this point I was really happy with how it looks. He said that if I was happy that he was happy. There is one spot on the side that doesn't match the other side. I asked about that and was told that it was a "easy fix" with a local and an in-office procedure. Another Woo Hoo! I don't want to go back to the OR at this point, but am totally down with an "easy fix". I hope to get that done during the summer. Recovery (so he says...) is nothing and I will be back to normal the next day.

I also got the OK to start exercise. No, I won't be boxing tomorrow, but the nurse did tell me that I could start walking with an elevated heart rate. Music to my ears. Unfortunately, I have already done too much today and won't be able to get in a walk.

I hope to post 2-week post-op pictures this week. I need to find a time where the kids aren't screaming and hubby can take them. :) Hubby is taking my daughter on a field trip tomorrow and I will be solo with my son. Eeeek! This will be my first day of solo parenting in over 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better about the stomach and that your arms are healing so well. I hope mine do as well as yours. Good luck with the boy on your own :)


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