Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm wearing pants!

That's right, the 3rd drain tube came out this morning! :) Happy Kari! Ooohhh did that final drain hurt?!?! Holy smokes! The drain was all the way up above my belly button and I could feel the drain coming all the way out down the side of my body. The first 2 drains were super easy, but this 3rd one was a killer. I felt SO much better after the drain was out!

The doctor said that everything looked really good. The itching has gotten quite a bit better and he said that the rash from the antibiotic was clearing up. He did do some poking and prodding pointing out areas that *could* be improved if I was interested in revisions. After the doctor left I mentioned to the nurse how horrible I felt on Monday after he mentioned the idea of revisions. She made me feel SO much better by telling me that the doc is a perfectionist and wants all of his patients to be totally satisfied. She pointed out that a lot of plastic surgeons will tell you that it looks great even when it doesn't just because they don't want to do more work. She told me that if I was happy that there was no pressure to do extra revisions. *Whew* That made me feel so much better. The idea of revisions stresses me out at this moment. I am going back on Tuesday to make sure that there is no fluid build-up after taking out my tube. After that it sounds like my visits will starting to be every 2-3 weeks.

Now, about my pants- I am actually wearing sweat pants right now because that is all that fits. :) I still have A LOT of fluid. On Monday I am going to go back to tracking my food on SparkPeople. I am not trying to lose weight right now, but do need to get back to correct portions and keeping my sodium in check. Speaking of weight- I think that until I can get back to exercise that I am going to stay away from the scale. I have learned through my weight loss that I need to exercise to lose/maintain weight. I'm not one of those people that can just stop drinking pop and lose 20 pounds. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE to exercise. I don't do it just to lose, but I can see how it's connected to my weight.

Gotta get back to daytime TV. I am suppose to rest and elevate. :)

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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better Kari and that your last drain came out.  My last 2 were way up inside like that.  My husband pulled them out and boy did it feel WEIRD but thankfully it didn't hurt.  Glad you can wear pants and honestly 4 months out and exercise pants are still my favorite choice :) but then I was never a jeans person anyway. 

    I think it's a great idea to stay off the scale.  I know myself about a week after surgery my weight was down but then it went back up to my normal pre-surgery weight and has pretty much stayed there.  I think you just have to start looking at things more in terms of your clothes fitting better instead of being focused on the scale.  I know I still have to talk to myself about the scale having power over me still. 

    As for revisions you know it's all up to you.  I really believe once a few months goes by you'll get to feeling better about it all.  Just realize we aren't going to be perfect no matter how much money we spend.  It really is about just feeling better in our new less loose skin bodies.  The only reason I'll be having a stomach revision is because I had always known I would be having 2 surgeries.  The doc talks of a 3rd to revise my thighs but truthfully I doubt I will because even when they say "I won't charge you for the revision" that just means their fee not the other fees associated with the surgery.  So bottom line revisions do cost more money. 

    Glad to hear your itching is better too.  Like I said if you can lotion up I recommend it. I say load up on a lot of fluids that will help a lot with any swelling you're having and staying elevated and taking it easy. 

    Hope you have a good weekend. Boy I wrote a book lol.


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