Saturday, May 28, 2011

Destined to be Fat?

My kids have been a true source of inspiration during my weight loss journey. When I first started losing weight it was because I wanted to be able to play with with my amazing kids. I didn't want to be that mom sitting on the sidelines watching others play with my children.

Fast forward two years: I am 170 pounds lighter, have transformed my life, and am now struggling to keep my kids at a healthy weight. My daughter just had her annual check-up and the doctor was talking to me about obesity in children. No, he didn't say that she was obese, but did say that if her numbers continued that she would be likely to be obese as an adult. Let me back up... I brought up the fact that she was eating all the time and that I was concerned about the amount and frequency of her food consumption. I have to wonder if the doctor would have say anything if I would not have brought it up. He said that one's weight is a result of: genetics, how much you eat, how much you move. Based on my kids genetics they are in BIG TIME TROUBLE. I have to wonder are they destined to be fat? What is a parent to do?

I sat there with my amazing, beautiful, intelligent, caring daughter and saw her going through my childhood. I don't want her to be an obese teenage girl. It sucks! Kids (and adults!) are cruel. It's horrible to not be able to shop at the same stores are your friends. It's embarrassing to not fit in the desk at school. It's lonely to be the only one at home on Friday night when you know that everyone is going out. I want so much more for my children.

I've done everything right- modeled correct attitudes toward food, exercise, and healthy living. I've involved my kids in sports. I've provided healthy meals. So, what's a parent to do? I asked my doctor this question- How do you teach your children about healthy living and having a good relationship with food, but not make them scared of food to the point that they develop a poor body image (always being afraid of "being fat") or even develop an eating disorder? He had no answers. He gave me some websites to look at. Bleh! I want answers from a real person.

So... Parents.... How do you teach your children about healthy living, balance, and having a positive relationship with food?

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