Monday, June 17, 2013

ALWAYS injured????

An amazing Sunday morning run, a little over 3 miles, wind at my back, didn't feel like collapsing when I finished was followed by some pretty intense low back pain. I just had an adjustment on Thursday. My chiropractor adjusts my hips (my favorite adjustment!), neck, and some stuff around my shoulder blades. Sometimes, after an aggressive adjustment, I am uncomfortable for a few days as the muscles adjust to the correct spot. My pain on Sunday wasn't that sort of sore. This was a sudden, sharp, what did I just do? sort of pain. 

A slathering of icy hot and I made it to church. Church was UNCOMFORTABLE. I ended up having to stand in the back. Once home, I did ice-heat-ice for an hour (20 min each) and was able to get off the couch. It hurts way less when I am standing. Bug and I went to a park (where I sat on a bench) and then home. I was OK the rest of the night until bed. After sleeping for about an hour, I awoke to tremendous, honey-get-the-pain meds-right-now sort of pain. For some reason he didn't like getting woken up in the middle of the night to fetch pain meds. (THANKS BABE FOR TAKING CARE OF ME!)

This middle of the night encounter led to a "you are always hurt and need to see a REAL doctor" conversation. Here we go again with the real doctor talk. After my last major injury I asked my chiro if I should be concerned because it seems like I am injured frequently. He told me that because of our lifestyles that our bodies and often abused (poor posture, sitting at computers, etc) and that we are set up to have occasional discomfort. He also said that because of my commitment to exercise that I was more prone to injury. 

I've been thinking this morning about two things:

Am I really always injured? To figure this out I am going to start tracking my aches and pains on my period app. (Am I the only one in the world using this app? I love it!!!) I think that often my pains are associated with the ebbs and flows of my cycle. Not a whole lot that I can do about that. Are they connected to my chiro adjustment? Hmmmm maybe I can also write those on the calendar. 

My other pondering has me really pondering... My core is weak. I know it is. If I improved my core strength that would probably help my low back pain. 
Can you improve core strength after 2 c-sections and a tummy tuck???? For the longest time I couldn't do core work because my stomach was too large and would bang my thighs before getting off the floor for abs. I can rock a solid plank for around 45 seconds. My core is stronger than it was even a year ago, but is still not as strong as the rest of my body. 

Deep wonderings for a Monday morning! It's summer vacation at our house, which means, for many a teacher, summer training. Off to training today while hubby gets to stay home and play with the kids. 

Less than 2 week to Fitbloggin!!!!!


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