Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Randomness

Happy Monday! We are winding up the school year (9 more get-ups, weekends don't count) and things are getting super busy around home and school. I am not the super mom that I should be, but we do our best to fit it all in- 2 different baseball teams, church, school concerts/graduations/talent shows, oh and my personal need to exercise. Lately my goal has been to enjoy the process and be open to new things. There are a lot  A LOT of changes coming up at work and while they are super scary, there is also some excitement to try new things and grow professionally. 

I'm am now one week- am I really going to do this- diet soda free. The urges are minimal and only pop up on those diet coke would go perfect with this popcorn, cheeseburger, pizza type of moments. My water intake has been back to where it should be. I'm noticing clearer skin and way less bloating around the tummy. 

This weekend was full of activity with the kids and working on my Sprint Tri training goals. Saturday was 2 baseball games, lifting+running, and a trip to the duck pond. 

Sunday was church, 45 minute bike ride all by myself (something I am coming to love), 20 minutes of yoga, a trip to Costco with one of my gal pals, and then a bike ride with baby girl. She is becoming a confident bike rider. We use to sit at the bottom of hills for way to long while she'd complain about how hard hills are and how she just couldn't get up them. Now she tackles them head on while mommy pedals behind her counting 1-2-3-4, very loudly, the whole time to get her up the hill. It's how I get up big hills and it seems to work for her too. The neighbors enjoy listening to me count. Well, they are smiling so they must enjoy it. Right???

I am amazingly blessed! I love being able to share with my kids a love for the outdoors and for being active. 

How was your weekend?


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