Friday, June 21, 2013

Breakfast Ideas Wanted

Wow! I am so thankful for everyone's responses/support regarding my last post about Baby Girl's attitudes around food. The most encouraging part was that no one else had the right answer. :) I model healthy eating and activity, I give choices, I limit unhealthy foods. I'm doing that right thing. 

So, I press on.

Last night at dinner I broached the topic of breakfast with the kids. I wanted to know what sort of healthy breakfast things I could buy for them at the store today. Baby Girl says, "What else is there besides waffles, cereal, and oatmeal". Good question Baby Girl. Today we are having egg mcmuffins with frozen biscuits (looking for an easy homemade recipe), ham or turkey lunch meat, and eggs. We also had some of the Go portable apple sauce stuff. My kids love those!

Miz Fit had a guest post with breakfast popsicles. I am going to try those this weekend. I realized through this conversation that we are stuck when it comes to breakfast. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with breakfast choices since I am off work and able to play around in the kitchen. 

What is your favorite, kid friendly, breakfast food? 


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