Saturday, June 15, 2013

One day at a time

This week was a one day, one moment at a time sort of week. School finished up and there was quite a bit to keep me busy. Food was super challenging as there were parties I find myself at parties looking at normal sized people and getting angry/frustrated/sad. Why can they eat whatever they want and not be obese? How can they just walk away from a 1/2 eaten piece of cake? Why aren't they entering food into their phone to make sure they don't go over their calories for the day? Enough about them, after all this is MY blog. :) 

I did ok this week. I turned down a lot of food. I planned healthy lunches. I wanted my late night snacking.

We went to a wedding last night and I OVERate like it was my last meal. Not pretty at all. I wasn't even hungry as I stood in the line to get food and yet I stayed in the line and filled up my plate. UGH! I hate it when I make choices like that. 

I didn't weigh myself this morning because I knew it would be no good at all. I'm going to hold off on daily weigh-ins until Monday to give my body some time to process the extra sodium from last night. Here's the cool part, today is a new day. No hating myself for making bad choices last night. I woke up with a plan for today. Just today. That's all that I can control. I've been thinking a lot about my food lately. I know how to restrict my calories. I know how to overeat. What I don't know how to do is get enough HEALTHY calories for my activity level. 

My summer goal, in addition to my Sprint Tri, is to start learning about healthy foods that keep me within my calories goals AND sustain me. Do such foods exist? I don't want to go Paleo or Atkins or Cabbage Soup. I just want food. I want to be able to go to live in today's world and have the knowledge to prepare foods at home that will fill me up and support my weight loss/maintenance goals. 

How do you eat? Do you have a system? What do you do when you are out and the food that you want isn't an option?


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