Thursday, June 13, 2013


How old were you when you got your ears pierced? I was at least 10, but I think it was actually 13. Wearing earrings is one of those grown up things that so many little girls want to do. I got my ears pierced, I wore my earrings, I lost them (just like my mom said I would) and then my holes started to close. Since middle school, I can count on probably 2 hands the number of times I have worn earrings. My wedding, graduation, fancy nights out. Maybe I could count on 1 hand! 

Someone at work is selling jewelry and I have been seeing beautiful earrings everywhere. On the rare occasion that I do wear earrings I can not wait to get them out at the end of the event. They throb after wearing earrings for a few hours. I want to wear earrings. They are so pretty! Hubby called on his way home from work and I announced that I wanted to get my ears pierced. My holes were nearly closed. I love that he puts up with my whims!

We went to Outback for our last-day-of-school traditional dinner. On the way home we stopped by Claire's. It is expensive to get piercings. I decided to buy small sterling silver studs and get that sucker through my  almost closed holes. Ice ears, a few bad words, and I now have both earrings in my ear. :) 

What in the world does this have to do with weight loss????

I had a goal. It took some extra steps. It was a little bit painful. I met my goal! 

Now to stick with this whole earring thing. My plan is to keep these tiny ones in for a few weeks. Baby steps, baby steps.


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