Monday, August 15, 2011

Healthy living on a budget

Warning- Blabbering rant ahead....

For the first time in my adult life I am finding myself needing to be on a tight budget. We've had a lot of medical expenses over the past year and they have pushed our finances over the edge. I know that I'm not alone in this struggle to make ends meet. I went grocery shopping today and nearly burst into tears in the produce isle. We are having friends over tomorrow night and are having tacos. I prefer romaine over iceberg lettuce. It's full of vitamins, it's tastier, it looks better. Here's the rub- romaine was twice the price of iceberg lettuce! I know it's only a dollar difference, but it's still a dollar. A dollar won't pay the hospital bills, but it will help. Hamburger Helper was on sale. I know that Hamburger Helper is a horrible, unhealthy choice for my family. It's loaded with sodium and preservatives. It's cheap. I've worked so hard to lose weight. Part of losing weight has been replacing my processed, sodium filled foods with fresh, healthy alternatives.

I love my gym. I know that it's important to exercise. I am able to workout because I can put my kids in the Kid Zone while I workout. My gym costs about $75 a month. If I quit going to the gym I could help pay the bills. But I love my gym. Then I start to think about other workout options. Running is free. My Kinect is free. What do I do with the kids while I am running or doing Kinect? They can do it with me. It's just not the same.

How do you stay healthy on a budget????

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