Saturday, August 20, 2011

Working it Out by Abby Rike

I read a book this week! Yes, I am a reading teacher. No, I don't really like to read books. This week I read "Working It Out" by Abby Rike. This book is amazing! Abby was the contestant on the Biggest Loser whose family had all died in a horrible car accident. Here's what I loved about this book, Abby's loss was tremendous, but her grief is not unique. Many of us have been through loss or issues in our life that make us feel like we can never get out from under them. I learned a lot from this book. Today I am going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book.

"I wish every overweight person could step into the body of a fit person for one week, maybe just one day. I think it would be the catalyst for a new resolve. If you could "feel" the end, you would stay the course." Working It Out, page 239

That is what keeps me on course. I have felt what a fit body feels like and it feels so good! Check out Abby's book if you have a chance. It was a real encouragement to me. :)


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