Friday, August 5, 2011


It it a plateau? It is maintenance? Nope- it's platence! :) A few weeks ago I was a little offended when someone told me that I had hit a plateau. I was rethinking that situation this morning and decided that I need a new word. Thus platence was born! Maintenance is hard. Plateaus are hard. I'm sort of in the middle of both right now. I had hubby take a few measurements this morning. The first numbers are from May 1st (pre-op) and the second numbers are from today. For kicks I'll put the #'s in red from when I first started.

Bust- 33.5/34.5 (52.25)
Chest- 37.5/37.5 (49.68)
Weight- 194/191 (356)
Waist- 40.25/37 (59) (This one is tricky- my belly button is in a new place and I usually measure my waist two inches above my belly button)
Hips- 43.25/40.25 (59.75) (Another tricky measurement- my stomach use to hang over my hips and was included in the hip measurement. No more stomach over hang and thus a major reduction in that number)
Thigh- 22.5/23 (27.25) (I'm TOTALLY ok with this as my thighs are super strong!!!)
Arm- 13/11.5 (21.25) (Again, post-op arms- Whoop! Whoop!)

I like looking at my measurement becuase they often tell the real story. Maybe I'm bragging a bit. More than making myself feel good I'm posting these numbers to encourage you! No matter where you are- there is always hope. You can meet your goals. You got this! :)

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