Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Motivation is on it's way....

*Sometimes* my kids don't follow directions that first time that they are given. :) My husband will say from the couch, "Don't worry, motivation is on the way". The know that they had better get to following directions before "motivation" gets off the couch.

Today was a big day in our house. My son had eye surgery this morning to repair his lazy eye. I got up early to drink a cup of coffee and read my blogs before the house started to stir. I opened my e-mail and was SHOCKED to see so many e-mails from SparkPeople.  Why so many e-mails? Each day SparkPeople sends out healthy living e-mails where they share health news and spotlight a SparkPeople member who is the "Motivator of the Day". Yep, you guessed it. I was the Motivator of the Day today! What a fantastic surprise.

I had planned on eating poorly today. Come on! My son's having surgery- doesn't that give me permission to abuse my body with unhealthy foods? Can't I skip exercise? He needs me. Drinking water? BUT I had to get up so early. 

Being the Motivator of the Day came at the perfect time! It helped me to focus on my goals. It reminded me of how far I've come. It made me feel valued and successful. (Yep, it did all of that before 6:15 AM!) All too often we rely on how we *feel* to motivate us towards our goals. My goals didn't change just because I was worried about my son. I had a healthy breakfast, packed fruit and my water bottle for the hospital, and even got in a nap AND a run this afternoon while my hubby took over cuddling with our son.

I won't leave you hanging on the surgery- Everything went wonderfully. He was an amazing trooper. We spent most of the day cuddling, watching tv, and playing trains.


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