Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Things My Kids Say

Bug (my 4 year old): Mommy, why do you run?
Me: Because it makes my heart feel better
Bug: Oh, then you should run to the doctor and he could help.

(I love that kid!)

Sissy (my 6 year old): Mommy, I'm hungry in the head, but not in my stomach.
Me: What are you hungry for?
Sissy: Um, I guess I'm not really hungry. Can I have a Fruit by the Foot?

My daughter's comment is way deeper and the root of my weight gain. I did have a great follow-up conversation with Sissy about how sometimes we just think that we are hungry because we are bored, tired, happy or sad and that we need to think before we eat to see if we are really hungry. My point is that my kids are talking about healthy eating and exercise and I LOVE this!

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