Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eating Clean The Beginning

I am currently reading Eating Clean for Families and Kids by Tosca Reno.

I laugh at people that eat clean. Why would you want to eat a bowl of strawberries over a snickers bar? Aren't you starving? What DO you eat?

Hubby has great questions- Doesn't it cost more? Isn't everything bland/boring? Do we have time to cook more food?

The kids have issues- But we like Lucky Charms. Where's the chocolate? What about ice cream? Can I have another pop tart? (I can't be the only one that feeds my kids these foods?!?!?)

Halfway through the book and I am feeling super conflicted and a little bit guilty. A serving of Lucky Charms has the same amount of sugar as a Kit Kat! I would never give my kids a kit kat for breakfast, but would allow them to eat a sugar cereal. She has suggestions for ways to clean up breakfast- eggs, fresh fruit, plain yogurt, granola. My kids will eat those foods, but they require a lot more time on my part to prepare. Can I rearrange my mornings in a way that make time for cooking breakfast.

Chapter 3 is Getting Your Family on Board- This is going to be tough. I'm barely on board. I don't want to deprive them on "tasty" food, but their health is super important to me. How cool would it be if they grew up with an understanding of healthy foods.The key on this one is going to be getting the kids and hubby involved in the shopping, taste testing, and preppy of foods. They hate veggies. Sissy likes broccoli, but that's about it. Tosca suggests starting with a veggie they love- broccoli every day it is! :)

Last night I *tried* to eat clean for dinner. We had grilled chicken. I grilled up some red pepper and onion. Lettuce from the garden rounded out my meal.

It was great! I felt full and satisfied.
After dinner I had smores. Baby steps, baby steps.

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