Monday, July 22, 2013

To Bet or not to Bet

Soooooo.... I was going to do a Dietbet and then no one wanted to play with me. I was sad. I felt a little bit rejected. I invited and invited and invited. Were you sick of getting invited? :)

I decided to cancel my Dietbet because it was just me and one other player and if we both won we'd actually lose money after Dietbet took their cut. That's no fun at all. Blah.

Why even do a Dietbet? I am seriously lacking motivation. It's so hard to "start" again. If you are looking for a game to play you should check out Mindy's. Her game just started today and you can join late.

My Spartan Race is in 12 days! My partner is unable to come, but thankfully another friend stepped up to do it with me. After her last obstacle course race (Tough Mudder) she vowed to never do an obstacle course again, so I really appreciate her willingness. True friends are willing to get dirty (and a little uncomfortable) with you. :)

I need to weigh myself. Right? Does what I weigh have an impact on what I'm eating? Yes, it does. Should it? Probably not. When I stopped weighing myself is when I started gaining. One day. One choice at a time. Time to regroup.

I need some sort of incentive beyond feeling good.
What motivates you?



  1. I'm motivated By my health. I'm motivated by going out to walk and take pictures every day. I'm motivated by knowing that I could put my money into vacations and to take more photos and spend time with my kid.

    I'm the single income, head of house hold. If I don't keep my goals in mind, there's no one else who will. Eating junk and getting diabetes will really take away from my life. After I got to be 45 , then I wanted to live my life my way.

    Keep looking at your goals and your motivation will come. Maybe pick non weight goals and bring your weight loss along with it??

    I've been using a free app called "lift" and started an 8 week , 8 minute meditation. That motivates me to see how it effects the day to day. Good luck and good for you for moving forward. It's so worth it.

  2. I with you Kari, I have no motivation either. I feel like I have the best reason to be motivated but I still don't do it. I eat cookies and sit on my butt. Arghhh!

  3. Staying motivated has been a struggle for me lately. And re: Dietbet, I actually did a few awhile ago and found the dishonest starting weigh ins from people to be frustrating. I actually blogged about it. That's why I didn't join. Sorry!

  4. Motivation is hard. I'm motivated right now, but I don't really know why. I think it started with FitBloggin and the fact that Melissa (thedailymel) was here for a week afterwards. We got on program together and it's just kind of stayed steady since then for me. What I know about myself for sure, is when the motivation is there, don't question it, use it! I hope you find yours soon!

    As for dietbet, I've never done one before. For me, I feel like it might be too much pressure. I don't want to do something that makes me angry or unhappy, and I'm afraid DB would do that for me. I've decided that if I'm going to stay motivated, stay on track and keep going this has got to be something that I can do forever. Which means, when there's days like yesterday when my Grandpa turns 86 and there's Birthday Cake, I get to have a piece. Even if the tiny sliver I had was 12 dang WW points. I was mad at myself when I figured out the points later - but then you know what? It's his birthday!!! I get to have a piece of cake guilt free. I don't eat cake everyday. It's life!!


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