Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: eMeals

What's for dinner?
I forgot to pull anything out.
We had this last week.
I'm hungry.
We spent HOW much and still have no food!

These statements were common in our household before a friend of mine introduced me to eMeals. She swore that eMeals saved her both money and time. She also insisted that the kids and her husband loved the meal plans. It sounded too good to be true.

We started using eMeals last summer and would never turn back. Let me tell you about how it works. Each week you receieve a new 7 day menu plan. The plan correspondes with a grocery shopping list for the week. See a meal that you don't like? No worries, just cross those menu items off your list before you go shopping. Usually all of the meals sound amazing, but occasionally there will be one that our family just won't eat. eMeals makes it super easy to skip meals. I check my fridge and pantry for items that I already have and then head towards the grocery story. There is always very little waste and eMeals works hard to use items multiple times in the week-long plan. For example, if you are buying cream cheese, then there will be multiple recipies that use cream cheese. No longer is there a 1/2 used container of cream cheese in the back of the fridge.

eMeals has a variety of meal plans. The meal plans include: classic, clean eating, Safeway, low calorie, slow cooker, and MANY more. You can choose a menu plan for 2-3 people or a family. We tried the low calorie one and it wasn't right for our family. Most of our time with eMeals has been with the Classic Family plan. We love it! As you know, last week we started trying to "clean" up our dinners. We switch to the Clean Eating Family Plan and have been surprised (I don't know why!) with the quality of menu choices.

A few things I love about eMeals:

~ It really does save money because we are using what we buy for multiple meals.
~ It saves time! I'm no longer scouring the internet trying to find something differnet to cook for dinner.
~ The plan helps me to know what to pull out for the next day.
~ My family loves the variety of meals.
~ The paper shopping list is super easy to use. They have a new app that I haven't had a chance to try.
~ You have the option to change your plan if the plan you chose doesn't work for your family.
~ There are almost always leftovers! I pack leftovers up in small containers and take to work for lunch. 
~ My husband and I have both become better cooks. We've learned many different techniques for preparing food and are continually introduced to foods that we wouldn't have tried before. 

eMeals offers A LOT more that I haven't tried. I know that they have lunch and breakfast plans. There are plans for specific stores. There are even special meals planed for large extended family events and holidays. 

Go! Right now! Go see what eMeals has to offer. :)

Have you tried eMeals? What were your thoughts? 


Disclaimer: eMeals provided me with a one year dinner subscription to promote their website. I did not or will not receive any compensation for this post. The opinions are my own and true to my experience. PS- We just renewed our subscription and in a day or two I will be giving away the 1 year subscription to eMeals that was offered to me for doing this post. Stay tuned! 

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