Friday, July 26, 2013

Lucky Charms won't work next week

BEST conversation ever with Sissy today. More times than I can count I have talked with both of my kids about how food is fuel and we need to eat right to fuel our bodies for how we want them to perform. Until today I was pretty convinced that all they heard was "Blah food blah blah blah we want blah blah blah". Swim lessons start on Monday morning. Sissy wanted Lucky Charms for breakfast today. Lucky charms. I hate Lucky Charms. I don't buy Lucky Charms. Not going to sell out the person that bought them, but it wasn't me.

I got her the Lucky Charms.
Set them on the table.
Started to walk away.

"Mommy, these won't work for breakfast next week"

Me: Why?

" Lucky Charms aren't a healthy breakfast. Swim lessons start on Monday and I need a breakfast that will give me energy for swimming. Lucky Charms don't give me energy".


She has been listening. She hears me. She gets it.

Notice- She didn't say, "Mommy, I can't eat Lucky Charms because they will make me fat". NOPE! They don't give her the energy she needs to be amazing at swimming.

What if we all ate this way? I want to sleep good tonight so I am going to stop eating late at night. I was to power through my workout so I'm going to have a lean protein and a carb instead of a diet coke before I leave. I want to stay full until lunch so I am going to make a dense breakfast with food that will "stick".

We haven't arrived. She still ate the Lucky Charms. We are on our way. Each of us.

How do you view food?
How have your views of food changed?



  1. So so love this!! I talk to my kids all the time about healthy eating as I don't want them to have the same issues with food as me ( opposite of yours) I truly believe knowledge is power. Wish I would have known more younger. It gives me hope that they are actually listening! Awesome job you are an inspiration in more ways than one. Go healthy breakfasts!- Courtney

  2. That is really cool! Kids hear and absorb so much more than we think.


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