Saturday, July 13, 2013

Changes Abound

Times they are a changing around our house. Food has been a constant topic of conversation in a really good way. Today Sissy requested scrambled eggs WITH PARSLEY and a whole wheat sandwich thin for breakfast. Major win if you remember this episode. For snack yesterday we had plain (!) yogurt topped with granola and blueberries. Both kids liked it, Bug threw a fit because he was convinced that Sissy's was ice cream. We got past that. 3 dinners into our new clean eating dinners and it's going ok. Check out my Facebook page as I will be posting dinner pics for the first 90 days of dinners. One night Bug didn't want to eat his broccoli so we "googled" why broccoli was healthy. Did you know that it aids in eye health? That was news to me. He ate a bite. Progress!

Fitness wise I have a new found passion for my fitness goals. I am trying new things! In a few hours I will be leaving for my first ever mud run. It should be interesting. I promise to do a recap. On August 4th I will be participating in a Spartan race. I *may* have had nightmares about the race last night. I am terrified that I won't finish. Hubby reminded me the other night that the past 4 years have been about me doing things I never thought possible. Training continues for my Sprint Tri on Aug 18th. If you are interested, I'm posting my workouts on the top of my blog. Oh, and then there's the Electric Run 5k on August 16th....and my Free to Breath 5k on Sept. 7th (click here to donate!!!). Whew! I'm usually a 1-race-per-year kind of gal. This is a perfect time to get my food in check because I need all the help I can get. 

Are you interested in doing a DietBet? I have one starting in 11 days. Buy-in is only $20 and it's a great way to gain some motivation if you are wanting to drop a few pounds while earning a little $$$. 

Also, I get to give away a free entry to a Spartan Race! You need to enter by July 17th to win. Check it out! 

What changes are happening in your life????


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