Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is Okra a Fish?

Have you signed up for my Dietbet? It starts on July 24th.

Home from vacation! Whew!!! Unpacking is a lot of work. First on my list when I got home was to download my new emeals menu plan for clean eating. After sharing the plan with hubby he was down with giving it a shot. I told the kids that we were trying a new menu plan. They gave me the confused and concerned list. Someone, who will rename nameless, asked if okra was a fish when I was describing the first nights dish. No, okra is not a fish.

The first meal was pork chops, peaches, and okra. Too tired to do "big" shopping, I decided to just get what I needed and go back tomorrow for everything else. Sadly, I roamed the produce section and couldn't find okra. Major clean eating sadness. Frozen veggies it is. I bought a variety hoping that if the kids could choose that there'd be more buy-in. I had to buy baslamic vinegar, pork chops, and peaches. I was surprised at the extras that I already had in my cupboard. Hubby grilled the chops and peaches. Kids chose carrots and peas. I boiled the veggies.

Here's dinner (excuse my messy stove- don't judge):

The verdict? I loved it! The husband liked the grilled peaches and pork. He ate a few veggies. The kids HATED it. They finally gave in and ate some peaches and then talked for hours about how they were starving. Sissy "tried" the chop, barely and Bug just snubbed the entire meal. He claimed full status after 3 bites of peaches.
The best part for me was that I was still FULL 3 hours later. No measuring required. I didn't need seconds. I was full.
Hubby has committed to trying the clean eating meal plan for 3 months.
I'm encouraged.
My kids may starve to death.

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