Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fitbloggin Workouts

First off: I'm doing a Dietbet starting on July 22nd. Come play with me.

The workouts! I almost forgot to post about the amazing workouts at Fitbloggin!!! I was so very, very tired (too much eating out, too little water, to many late nights, SO much emotion), but I just *had* to do the workouts at Fitbloggin. Here's my rundown....

Pyrolates at Fireband Sports

Do you see me? I'm in the back row in the middle. I'm always in the back row cause I'm tall! The instructor, Sara, is the incredibly fit looking chick on the right hand side in black.

Pyrolates (just in case you, like me, have never heard of it) is.... Ummm... I can't explain it. They do a nice job explaining it here. The workout was incredibly intense. It required a ton of core strength and stability. We adjusted the resistance bands under Sara's direction. I can totally see how the class could be adapted to meet a variety of fitness levels. I happen to be next to a girl that has done the class regularly and was super impressed with all that she could do. As a first timer it was very challenging. They aren't kidding when they say muscle-shaking and sweating. I was a hot mess by the end. Modification is the name of the game when it comes to group exercise. Towards the end we were going plie squats on the machine and I just could-not-do-it so I hopped off the equipment and did squats on the group. Thankfully Sara didn't come over and yell at me to get back on the machine. :)

My body was ON FIRE after just 50 minutes. The best part was at the end where we did some "happy baby" with the straps. It felt SO good. My calorie burn wasn't too impressive- 323 calories, but I know that I got a good workout. Classes like Pyrolates provide an amazing after burn that you won't see on a heart rate monitor. Was I sore? Oh boy, was I sore!!!! My abs hurt (in a good way) until Saturday and class was on Thursday. This is a class that I would totally do again.


6 AM on Friday morning came very early. MUST.GO.TO.BOOTCAMP. Thankfully me roommates were also on board. We got up at 5:45, gobbled down a protein bar, and headed downstairs. Read here for a super detailed Boot camp report. Boot camp was tough in a "this sucks, more please" sort of way. :) Erin from Dig Deep, Play Hard was fantastic. She was so sweet, but when it was time to work she let us know that it was time to work. I loved every minute of it. Calories burned- 560 in 56 minutes. BAM!


6 AM Saturday morning brought Yoga. I wasn't planning on Yoga, but all the cool kids were doing it so I had to go. Yoga was sponsored/led by SweatPink. Before Fitbloggin I had never heard of SweatPink, but apparently they are very popular. Yoga was fine. It was yoga. It felt good to stretch out some sore muscles from Pyrolates and Bootcamp. I did hear some comments that it was not an "all levels" class, but for me it was good.

Jumpsport Trampoline

I was most excited to attend the Jumpsport Trampoline class. I had been following Rachel on her journey to Fitbloggin and was stoked to try out such a fun looking exercise class.

Got to meet Rachel during Fitbloggin!!!

This class did not disappoint! Jeff, the instructor, had an amazing amount of energy. He kept me entertained and pushed me the entire class. The trampolines felt incredibly secure and there were so many different ways to use the trampoline that I never would have thought of on my own. My partner, and roommate, Kay, and I would switch between floor exercises and the trampoline exercise. You can find the complete workout here. I WANT a jumpsport trampoline. Not gonna lie, they are pretty pricey. My workout was so good that I am putting a trampoline on my Christmas list. Such a fun workout and I burned a ton of calories (614 in 60 min) and was wiped out afterwards. It was as challenging as running without the extra impact on my joints. I loved it!!!! This is something I could see myself doing with my daughter and we could switch off doing floor and trampoline exercise just like in class.

Killer running sprints at the end

Jumpsport Trampoline class was definitely the best class that I attended at Fitbloggin. The energy was HIGH and the class was truly designed for all levels to participate.
There was one more fitness opportunity that totally rocked my fitness world, but I am going to save that one for it's very own post.

What's your favorite form of exercise?
Do you prefer to go it alone or with a group?



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