Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Tomorrow is our last day of vacation. I have loved spending time with the family and am ready to head home. We will spend one last day lounging by the pool and digging up shells. It has been relaxing and refreshing.

My mind still drifts to Fitbloggin when I wake up in the morning. That conference had such an impact on me and allowed me to refocus on my health and fitness goals. I finished reading Eat Clean for Families and Kids and am more convinced than ever that is this the direction that I want, that I need to go. Hubby is scared. He has worried about cost, time, and taste. Maybe he's right. Maybe my post-fitbloggin/vacation lounging mind has bitten off more than I can chew. When people complain that they don't have the "time" to exercise I get so irritated. I have the time. They have the time. I think the same way about food prep. We all have the same amount of time in our days. It's all about how we choose to spend that time. Many of the blogs I read around clean eating talk about how they spend hours (!!!!) prepping food for the week. Hours? Do I have hours????

We use emeals for our meal planning for dinners. Do you use emeals? We were reluctant at first and have now found them to be a lifesaver. Currently we are on the classic meals plan. We are going to try the clean eating dinners. I'm going shopping on Wednesday night for our first round of clean eating dinners. Kids and hubby hate vegetables. I foresee dinner being a battle for the next week.

I want this. For the first time ever in my weight loss journey I want to eat healthy because I want to feel good and I want my body to perform at optimum. It's not about losing a few pounds. It's about being the healthiest me that I can be. Am I worth the time and extra money (this one is still in question) that it might cost? The rah-rah cheerleader in my says YES!, the fat girl in the corner has her doubts.



  1. Yes! You are worth the extra time and money! Trying it for a week or two can't hurt anything.

  2. The money is saved when you don't buy junk and buy grass fed or better treated animal protein & organic produce. Junk food costs a lot.

    Your whole families medical bills, pills, time sick will be super reduced. For decades. True!

    It's worth it. You Rick for making the transition. I'm a single mom and it has already paid off for me. There is no other thing that I would choose with my money. Life is rich when you eat whole, real foods. You go girl!!!!

    1. Thank you Karen! That means a lot to me. How long ago did you make the switch?


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