Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pt Defiance Trail Hike

This will be a quick one. I've got a lot to do today, but wanted to tell you about our family hike. Yesterday morning I woke up with an itch to get outside, but my planned workout wasn't interesting to me at all. I had what my husband would call a "great" idea. A family hike! It took some convincing, but everyone agreed to come. We decided to head out to the Pt. Defiance trails. My plan was to do the outer loop (4.6 miles). That's not too far, right? Oy! I might have been a bit too ambitious. I forget that the rest of the clan doesn't walk/run/bike/swim/lift their way through life. 

We walked....

Mommy waits at the top of a very big hill

We rested....

We got carried when we were tired....

Bonus workout for mommy. I not only lifted 53 lb Bug over my head, but carried him for a significant distance.
We conquered.... 

Confession- We cut the trail a little short and ended up doing closer to 4 miles. It took us 2 hours and 10 minutes. We won't be winning any trail races in the near future, but WE did it together. We did it! There were many great times on the trails (like when 3 deer ran out of the woods right in front of us), but for me the best part was when we were about 1/2 was through and Sissy asked me why I wasn't tired. I told her that all of my working out was to help me to be able to enjoy activities like hiking. Taking care of my heart makes it easier to do things like hike. I love sharing fitness with my family!!!! 

Mad props to the husband for coming along. It was not his cup of tea, but he did a great job. :)

I am soreeee today! That hike was way more challenging than I expected. Recovery workout today- short run followed by some yoga. 

4 days soda free.

Spartan Sprint next Sunday. Found out today there are around 15 obstacles. 30 burpees for each obstacle I can't do. 450 burpees! Please let me complete some of the obstacles. It's not too late to register. If you are local come play with me!!!!!

Do you have races coming up? Are you working on new fitness goals???

Please share. I want to support you in your goals.


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